Monday, January 14, 2013

$50 SEW-IN RALEIGH NC (919)806-9976

The Home of The $50 Weave!!!!! "The Virgin Hair Shop" Weaves start at $50. 

If you want quality styles at an affordable price, Look no further! THE ONE AND ONLY "The Virgin Hair Shop" BRINGING QUALITY 100% VIRGIN HAIR AND CERTIFIED WEAVE SPECILIST. We use only professional products such as, Affirm, Design Essentials, Matrix, and much more!!! Some of our services include, but are not limited to: weaves Invisible part, relaxers, doobies, precision cuts, razor cuts.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dont want to buy virgin hair dont have to you can receive a sew-in service with or with out the purchase of virgin hair !!!!!!!!!!!!

Raleigh, NC 27604, 919-806-9976 
We are Open 7 days a week, Monday- Saturday appointment only. Free consultations during business hours 




  1. this is the worse place to get your hair done I got my hair done and in less then a week my track in the front was coming out th on top of that I paid like 400 for my hair and she left a whole side of my hair with no tracks sewed in then on top of that I took out my tracks cause they washed my hair but I couldn't for th life of me figure out why my hair kept inching even putting greese on my whole head maybe 3 times a day now going on 2weeks my tracks are falling out my braids under my hair is coming out I'm a server so theirs not much I can so to my hair that will have my tracks coming out from every part of my head they was so busy talking and playing talking about their boss they didn't pay attention to what they was doing then I tried to call to speak to a manager and the ladies pretend To be the manager for me not to complain I just wanted my hair done and now I have to wear a surf

  2. I understand honey they did me the same way